University of Bristol – The Van Is Finally Graduating!

Over the last two weeks the headshot van has been joining the University of Bristol’s fantastic Careers Service who have been offering help, advice and (with the help of the van) a great Linkedin headshot to their graduating students, as they enter the job market. Knowing the increasing value of professional online profiles the Careers Service called upon The Headshot Van to provide professional and efficient photos for their students. The Headshot Van came into its own, parking up with the rest of the Careers Service whose stall was placed outside the Student Union. With the direction of our chief photographer, Liam Garrison, and the help of the van’s instant uploading of photos from camera to monitor, meant graduates could have their photos taken, choose their favourite, edited and sent to their personal email account within 15 minutes. Over 6 days the van gave a new, professional look to over 420 graduating students.

The van had a fantastic time working with Bristol Careers Service, through the rain and sunshine, throughout the week. We look forward to seeing them in the Autumn for their autumn careers fairs. Here are some example headshots we took: